A place where
people always come first.

In Geoprzem, it’s not just about work and projects, but above all, it’s about people.

Our Employees - Our Greatest Value

Success is
the result of collaboration.

In our surveying company, it’s the people who form the core of our business. With over 30 years of experience in the surveying market, we have always realised that it’s the people who create our identity and success.

We believe that interpersonal relationships are key to achieving outstanding results in surveying. Our company is a place where not only knowledge and experience count, but above all, the people who create real value.

Together we build geodesy based on trust and understanding, where people are the bridge to the success of every project.

Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra
Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra

Assurance of the highest quality services

The most valuable are
are people.

Our achievements are the result of joint effort, cooperation and mutual respect. Thousands of completed investments have allowed us to gain experience, which constitutes invaluable capital for the company, enabling us to provide services at the highest level.

Our company consists of a skilled team of surveying engineers who are part of the Geodetic Teams with impeccable work organisation. They approach each task with diligence, caring for the welfare of the investment and striving to maintain a partnership relationship with the contractors.

Three Decades of Geodetic Excellence

Tradition of precision,
Vision of the future.

Geoprzem is an organisation with a long history and rich experience in the geodetic industry. Our activity started over 30 years ago, which has allowed us to acquire unique competencies and knowledge in the field of geodesy.

Over the years, we have faced a variety of challenges and geodetic projects, which have allowed us to grow and perfect our skills. Our company has become synonymous with precision, professionalism and trust in the geodetic industry.

Regardless of the scale of the project, we can provide comprehensive surveying services, meeting the expectations of our clients.

Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra
Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra

Your success is our success.

Our Mission,
Aim and Vision.

In our operations, we focus on innovative and sustainable development in the geodetic industry in Poland. Our mission is to provide high-quality geodetic services, and customer service at the highest level, and to be a stable partner in a changing legal-geodetic environment.

Our vision is to continually strive to offer services individually tailored to the needs of clients, regardless of their scale. We are ready to meet the expectations of both individual customers and large construction companies. Our work is based on the values of innovation, sustainable development, and excellent quality.

Our Nature, Our Responsibility

n harmony with Nature.

At Geoprzem, we believe that geodetic activity and care for the natural environment go hand in hand. Our company is committed to conducting geodetic operations with respect and care for ecology.

We are implementing modern measurement methods and technologies that allow us to save natural resources and minimise our impact on the environment. Our commitment to ecology is inextricably linked to our mission of innovative and sustainable development.

Working with us, you can be assured that your surveying projects will be carried out with care for nature and respect for its value. Our company aspires to shape the future of surveying by combining service excellence with concern for our common home – our planet.

Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra