2022 (ongoing)
Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra
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Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra


GDDKiA Branch in Białystok

Design and construction of the S-61 expressway Ostrów Mazowiecka – Szczuczyn.

  1. Geodetic works in the implementation of road works
  2. Earthworks, substructures and surfaces
  3. Culverts and drainage of the road body
  4. Networks and land development
  5. Geodetic works in the implementation of bridge works
  6. Preparatory works
  7. Geodetic as-built documentation
  8. Comprehensive geodetic services
  9. Subcontractor geodetic documentation:
    • Situation-altitude maps with subcontractor geodetic inventory
  10. Establishment of railway geodetic control network
  11. Preparation of track axis regulation protocols (for main and additional tracks)
  12. Determination and stabilisation of boundary points with stones for properties acquired by the client for investment implementation
  13. Purchase of points
  14. Stabilization in the field
  15. Marking of points, control measurement, field activities, submission and approval of the report
  16. Securing hectometre plates in the field