Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra
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Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra


PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A
  1. Comprehensive geodetic service
  2. Geodetic subcontracting documentation:
    • Site and elevation maps with geodetic subcontracting inventory
  3. Establishment of a railway geodetic framework
  4. Preparation of protocols for track axis adjustments (for main tracks and additional tracks)
  5. Determination and stabilization of boundary points with stones for properties acquired by the client for the purpose of project implementation
  6. Purchase of points
  7. Stabilization in the field
  8. Establishment of points, control measurement, field activities, compilation, and sealing of the survey
  9. Fixation of hectometer signs in the field