Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra
30 km
Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra


Treasury of the State – General Director of National Roads and Motorways

As part of the task of Constructing the second carriageway of the expressway on the Sulechów-Nowa Sól section, implementation of comprehensive geodetic service along with post-implementation inventory.

  1. Conducting an initial inventory of the Investment and delivering the results to the client
  2. Uniform implementation framework (situational and altitudinal)
  3. Supply and installation of bridge benchmarks
  4. Measurements of performed works
  5. Inventory of unbuilt materials
  6. Reconstruction of the boundaries of the road corridor and the approaching boundaries of adjacent properties along the demarcation lines, together with the stabilisation of boundary points in the field, setting out and embedding “road corridor” poles
  7. Preparation and obtaining approval of post-construction geodetic documentation of works and site equipment, as well as documentation regarding measuring signs located following the relevant regulation on the technical conditions that road engineering structures should meet; basic map resulting from post-construction geodetic inventory; maps with the course of geodetic legal boundaries with required attachments and elements; other post-construction documentation provided for in the Contract, including in the Technical Specification.