Continuation of construction
Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra
40 km
Geoprzem - Inżynieria lepszego jutra
Continuation of construction


Treasury of the State – General Director of National Roads and Motorways
  1. Geodetic service during the implementation of contractual works
  2. Final acceptance, preparation and delivery to the Client of complete post-implementation documentation
  3. Performing an initial inventory of the Investment and delivering the results to the client
  4. Homogeneous implementation grid (situation and altitude)
  5. Construction monitoring including control of the implemented route, and objects in the area of motorway development during the Contract Review and Settlement Period.
  6. Supply and installation of bridge benchmarks included in the price
  7. Measurement of completed works taken up to the 20th of each month included in the price
  8. Inventory of non-built-in materials included in the price
  9. Renewal of road corridor boundaries together with the stabilisation of boundary points in the field, marking out and building in “road corridor” posts
  10. Monitoring of embankment settlements with a frequency of every 2 weeks along the entire length of the motorway